An Unwelcome Guest

Turn out the lights
You don’t want to see this
It isn’t a weakness
To know you’re not strong

Forget their advice
If it’s more convenient
To break your agreement
It won’t be for long

Call up the file
Documenting denial
Of the things you believe
You believe
Unwelcome guest
Has the nerve to suggest
Your convictions were wrong
All along

Caution invites
Another objective
Inverted perspective
On where you belong

Return and send
Resisting the currents
For some reassurance
Your thinking is clear

Can you pretend
Without its encryption
Your sacred inscription
Has no need of fear

Coming to terms
As the process confirms
You’re pretending to know
What you know
Unwelcome guest
Puts a claim to the test
Can your wishes be true
Without you?

Say it again
Remake your suggestion
And rephrase the question
For no one to hear